Tallinn Music Week

This year Bizzmo from Format44 got an invitation to performe at
So, our Crew took a car and drove to Estonia to take a part in an amazing festival and full pro event for music industry.

Bizzmo's wild party below:

We've met outstanding people and visited magic places of Tallinn city. I felt there very peaceful but my primary slavic heart has beaten faster. This magnetism of the city everybody of our crew felt very well and intense. I was close to leave everything behind and open an internet radiostation there because Tallinn was the first city I trully considered as a new home. This amazing exeprience would never took place if not Helen Sildna who inspired me to visit TMW. She is great inspiration for me personally and has a huge influence on generation of young and experienced music industry representatives. She build one of the biggest festivals and conference in the Baltic-Nordic region today which is an effective tool to encourage professionalism and growth of the region’s music business today. Just see the numbers of the 7-th edition to find how big this event is:

200 artists of different genres and nationalities
around 800 notable industry professionals 
and over 20 000 festival visitors

Thusic e focus of the conference this year was on the role of women in the mindustry that's why I would like to dedicate this post all great women I've met. Thanks to Helen I could heared their stories, advices and life hacks, I could asked everything and learned a lot from their experience.

Me and Helen during TMW 2015
During opening speech Helen mentioned legendary Viv Albertine from the Slides, Marie Dilberg, the manager of Roxette, who is being consider one of the most influential women in the industry in Sweden and more:

"In general I personally have to say, to of the most inspiring people in this business for me personally are women. This Paulina … who sitting there, I can not point this out how clever this woman is, and now the head of d dolo and Dona Hildur, who you will be seen later as well. I am really fortunate and happy to know this people."

"We want to put the focus some of the very clever and talented women in the business because I personally got tired of hearing that music industry is a very masculine business and mainly male driven. We want to highlight some of the brilliant women". 


"Some of the great people in business are women" :)

Opening speech by Helen Sildna
Photo: Rytis Seskaitis

Helen Sildna, Anna Sjölund & Paulina  Ahokas

Me with Andrea von Foerster, Music Supervisor for film, tv and online projects

Interview with Viv Albertine from the Slides by John Robb

Olga Tuszewska, manager of Brodka with Simon Napier-Bell & Anna Hilburg Hildibrandsdóttir
Photo: Aron Urb

Interview with Marie Dimberg by Anna Hilburg Hildibrandsdóttir
Photo: MiceIsNice

Marie Dimberg, Me & Anna Sjölund
Photo: Someone nice ;)

Brilliant women, great atmosphere, music and full pro conference. I've also meet energetic gals from Estonia, Latvia and Poland with bright vision of development in music industry. Warmest wishes to all of them :)


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