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Anna Ninja pochodzi ze Szwecji, tańczy różne style takie jak voquing, hip-hop, taniec nowoczesny i inne. Uwielbia eksperymentować z ruchem łącząc miękkie i płynne ruchy z twardymi i ostrymi dokładnie jak prowadzi ją muzyka. Ma niezwykłą osobowość i niezwykle kobiecy styl. Patrząc na Annę widzę jak wiele można nauczyć się o kobiecości i sposobach jej wyrażania poprzez tę formę ruchu. Anna ma doświadczenie sceniczne i teatralne. Jest świetnym nauczycielem i choreografem. Cieszę się, że miałam okazję ją poznać na ostatnich warsztatach GDM 2014 a Wam przedstawić naszą rozmowę o tańcu i pasji. Enjoy :))

Anna Ninja comes from Sweden. She dance various styles, like voguing, street jazz, hip-hop, modern jazz and others. She loves to experiment with movement, using the floor, soft and fluid movements vs hard and crisp and just feeling the music. She's got remarkable personality and very feminine style. While watching Anna I see how much can we learn about femininity and expressing it by dance and movement. Anna is experienced on stage and in theater. She's a great teacher and choreographer. I'm glad I had an opportunity to meet her on the last GDM 2014 and to share with you our talk about dance and passion. Enjoy :))

When your adventure in dance world started?

I started dancing when I was 14 but I’ve loved music and dance from when I was born, just not knowing it was my real big passion. At first it was training breaking and hiphop. Later I chose a dance education path and learned ballet, jazz and ultimately modern dance, which I went to the university in Sweden for. But I think what followed me from the start is that my inspirations comes from so many places and led me to training all kinds of styles, growing and developing my own from the foundations of many.

Could you tell me more about your style (dancing)? For me dancing is very similar to martial arts where you create your own style to express yourself. Is it the same for you? What is your inspiration for this? What do you like about this the most?

I definately see dance as a personal expression. It comes from within, the want to move and express. The techniques you learn let you move and express your personality and artistry freely. I get inspired by a lot of things, music most definately! Or meeting and sharing with people with good energy, whether they dance or not. Everything in life shapes you, I’d say be open to it!

I understand from my experience, dance is about freedom, feelings and expressing yourself but not always you feel it from beginning. During your journey was that any “breaking through” moments, when you feel it for real? Could you describe it?

I think for me music and clubbing has been a great part of my passion. When a really good DJ sends you on a musical trip it makes you develop something completely new in your body. Also being in the battle scene made me constantly improve and learn about myself. I love the challenge it gives you to step onto the floor not knowing anything more than to just stay in the moment and create! The challenge of perfecting something on stage or creating something in the moment is the best.

What kind of woman are you while you perform on stage, dance and in private? Is there any difference for you? What womanhood means to you? (in polish this word for state of being a woman). Is dance a way to express your femininity or you as a person generally?

I think when speaking of womanhood/manhood you sometimes get lost in stereotypes. These stereotypes and norms we live so close by create strong boundaries among all gender identifications in different ways. I think for me the most important thing is to be allowed to be yourself, in whatever way feels right to you! That is what makes my woman to me. Dance is more so a way to express myself as a human being than anything put in a box!

On stage, I would say you take on a stronger personality as you put so much out in a performance or battle. But it is very much still me too. I think especially because of vogue people meeting me for the first time sometimes say they thought I was a “b****”, haha. Vogue has a very strong expression that is all about grace, attitude and confidence out of love for yourself and what you do. To me its base is in acceptance for who you are or want to be, and getting to explore that to the fullest. I’m glad usually they find me to be a pretty sweet swede after all :).

You’re a professional dancer. What do you think about progress and professional development these days? Is it easier or harder to become a professional dancer and gain success? What’s your plan for the future?

If you work hard and with good ethics you will go as far as you want to. . Just keep your feet on the ground while pushing forward if that makes any sence. I think anyone can have their quick fix and fame with all media that's out there, but I think the ones keeping an open mind and devoting themselves to their art are the ones that will really succeed. My plan is to keep doing my thing, I love being able to battle, judge or teach and share my stuff as well as working in production. The mix, the challenges and the change is what I love the most!

In your opinion, is it good to mix passion and work? Or maybe it’s easier when you separate this two things?

Well I work with my passion, so for me I’d say I love it!! That being said it might not be the easiest always and you have to work hard but it’s all worth it when you keep developing and learning. I’m really thankful to be able to share what I feel, think and want to express through dance.

Any words, advices or message for women/girls who want to set their minds on living their dream? 

I say, GO! Dare to take space, and don’t be afraid to express yourself in whatever way you love no matter what anybody else tells you! It might sound like a kliché to some but really know you deserve to take your time, in a circle/on stage/in a club/life. My last note would be to dance for yourself, because you like it, and because you want to express just that. You should not need to cater to anyone else but you, no matter the hierarcy, gender or skill.

Thanks for your time :)

Anna Ninja Näsström for Hey Ladies!
Thanks to Fotografia Magdalena Łojewska for photos!

More about Anna Ninja:

- Choreographer for ”Richboyz project” show ”Ninja”, Israel 2014
- "Animal Instinct” Tour, Art Basel Festival, Muffatthalle München 2014
- "Cabaret" The Musical 2014, Malmö Stadsteater
- "Swanlake Reloaded" Dansens Hus Sthlm, Europe tour 2011-2013
- Tour of Sweden, Berlin Fashionweek, Detour festival copenhagen with solopiece ”Boxwood” 2012/2013
- New York Fashion Week model for couture designer Adrian Alicea 2011
-”Swedens best dance” Kingsize Magazine gala -12, Battles won at
- Streetstar -10 & -11, SDK Sweden team -12 & -13, Waack Date #5
- London, Berlin Voguing out, Vogue

Więcej o stylu:
"Nazwa voguing pochodzi oczywiście od słynnego czasopisma, a sam taniec opiera się na wykonywaniu (w nieco przerysowany sposób) ruchów (póz) typowych dla modelek na wybiegu i przed obiektywem. Taniec modelek, bo tak potocznie jest nazywany voguing, narodził się w latach 60-tych, w Stanach Zjednoczonych, a prekursorów szukać należy w środowiskach afro-amerykanów i latynosów. Rozkwit tego gatunku przypadł na lata 80-te, kiedy to rozpowszechniły się pojedynki taneczne, w których zawodnicy rywalizowali ze sobą na wysublimowane ruchy i pozy."

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